Nokia Steel HR smart watch

Mention Nokia are more familiar with their mobile phone products, despite the fact that Microsoft has been acquired, but now the brand by the HMD company re-operation and then returned to us, in fact, for today’s Nokia everyone do not have to worry about will become bad because the HMD company is also from Founded by a group of former Nokia, the products basically maintain their original style and philosophy. Then they acquired the French wear equipment brand Withings, into the wear equipment market.

Then Withings equipment renamed Nokia, has been in the country and started sales. The brand recently unveiled a smartwatch called the Nokia Steel HR, with richer screen displays, heart rate sensor capabilities, and more compared to previously released products. Has started in the domestic electricity supplier page pre-sale, the price is about two thousand yuan.

This product uses the shape of a traditional watch, round dial design, but equipped with a small round screen that can be used to display calls, SMS, event reminders, alarm clocks, calendars, timetables, heart rate, battery power and calories and other information . Be regarded as a combination of the characteristics of traditional watches and smart watches.

According to the official introduction, this product uses photoplethysmography to maintain the accuracy of heart rate during exercise by using optimized algorithms to support and automatically recognize ten different types of sports including tennis, centering, dancing and running.

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