Fashion trend around men’s wrist

The so-called daughter easy, taste hard to get timely to get a trend point is one of the ways to reflect the good taste of men. When you are still pursuing only wearing a watch is enough to reflect the personal taste of the realm, but it has been in Instagram butt blowing a watch + bracelet mix and match style: Europe and the United States men wearing such tide brand watch as DW Outside, will be accompanied by a similar KJP bracelet material superimposed, so elegant way to stack up, it is worth a try.

KJP bracelet use of marine rope as the main body of cotton, after full of creative weaving and collocation, you can wrap one to four loops on the wrist, forming a stacking effect. If at this time your watch strap is just a single layer of nylon material, you can in this multi-level bracelet with the look more cool and full. The leather strap, you can also choose a single lap bracelet, the gold part of the anchor and the watch on the metal part on one side, to achieve the same effect. Of course, fashion boy with a variety of new ideas how to stick with these two kinds of it, look at the more dazzled KJP instagram related to know.

On instagram and other social networking sites, many fashion people will be used to match KJP bracelet DW watch. We all know that DW watches that have a landmark college-style nylon strap makes it a popular watch for many people sought after trends, and this popular KJP bracelet, is also the best lvy ivy campus style.

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