TAG Heuer smart watch debuts in Chengdu

On December 18, TAG Heuer store in Chengdu, the reporter saw a smart watch, clerk said that this is the latest TAG Heuer smart watch, in addition to changing the different dial, but also to find the nearest restaurant, check Weather, booking taxi and other lifestyle services, which is also the first appearance of Tiger Accor smart watches in mainland China, the current market in Chengdu sales than expected.

It is understood that the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch, jointly developed by brands and Intel (Intel) and Google (Android), equipped with Android Wear 2.0 system to support local applications, to provide users with a better experience.

Payment function replaced by PayPal Android Pay, you can use the QR bar code payment; navigation function from Google Maps to “Sogou map”; “Keep” to replace Google Fit tracking fitness activities; Google Voice Search also changed to China’s local “go out to ask “. Other Chinese local apps with millions of users are available for download through the Q & A store in the watch.

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