Exclusive tailor made watch for your better half

This year’s “balance” is seriously inadequate. Valentine’s Day is coming to a new year. Between the couple began to think about what gift to send to each other. In many gifts, watches are often the best choice, because it contains a wealth of meaning. Send watches, not only means the love of “confession”, but also means “every minute and second” with her (him) together. In view of this, WM Watch (Welly Merck) Willie Merkel launched a unique “Love custom-made” watch to help users love the name, love aphorisms even couple engraved on the watch.

WM watch launched this customized service, by users around the world welcome. In order to give her a surprise on the girlfriend’s birthday, Brooke, an Australian user, quietly customized a WM watch and carved the pictures of their kiss on the watch’s cover. Surprise after receiving a gift, his girlfriend touched by his unique style of romance.

Boys like a girl, but ashamed to express, at this time to send her a watch, as a tactic of confession of love, is very suitable, but also very much in line with the Chinese subtle way: the table is confession. Even if a beloved girl accepted it unknown, you explain to her later, she will feel very warm and romantic.

Giving watches to girlfriend, there are many wonderful symbolic significance. For example, to send her watch to her, representing you are willing to go through her life with her every minute of the second, all the time to her, not only every day to see, and always see, all the time to accompany .

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